OTP Bank

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OTP Bank发展历史

OTP was created in 1949 when two other major state-owned banks were established. It was created by a state-induced merger of Pesti Hazai Első Takarékpénztár (First Pest Savings Bank), Leszámítoló Bank (The Clearing Bank) and several small-size banks from the rural parts of the country. Its control was given to the Ministry of Finances. Its duty was to handle the accounts of domestic clients and local councils. The other two banks were Külkereskedelmi Bank (Foreign Trade Bank) and Beruházási Bank (Investment Bank). State ownership lasted from 1949 to 1991, when all three major banks were privatised, thus establishing OTP Bank, MKB Bank and K&H Bank.
During the last decade, OTP Bank, under its ambitious CEO Sándor Csányi, has become a major player in the Central European market: it has made acquisitions in Slovakia (OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.), Bulgaria (DSK Bank), Romania (RoBank, renamed to OTP Romania SA), Croatia (Nova Banka, renamed to OTP Banka d.d.), Serbia (Niška banka, Kulska banka, and Zepter banka), Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka) and Ukraine (former Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine). As of June, 2006 it is also negotiating the possibility of buying several other medium-sized or small banks in Russia, Serbia and Croatia.
OTP Bank remains by far the largest bank in Hungary. Its position as such was challenged only once, though unsuccessfully by Erste Bank, who bought out the financially challenged Postabank (Postbank), thus trying to create the largest financial entity in Hungary. OTP Bank went through a face-lift on January 12, 2007, by replacing its old green square logo. It adopted a new logo, and a new slogan too: Megbízunk egymásban (Trusting each other). It hopes to re-gain the trust of its clients, who left the bank in recent years to its rivals. The new image appeals to younger customers.

OTP Bank发展战略

In the next five year the bank plans to:
Achieve leading postition in the Bulgarian market
Every year have a return of average equity higher than 25%
Decrease the ratio of income/expenses to 50-53%


The Bank hosts an international organisation called the OTP group. The several parts of the group work in different areas of business.
OTP Bank Rt.- Universal Bank
Merkantil Bank Ltd.- Personal Loans
Merkantil Car Ltd.- Auto Leasing
Merkantil Lease Ltd.- Leasing
OTP Building Society Ltd.- Savings Bank
OTP Mortgage Bank Ltd.- Mortgage Bank
DSK BANK EAD- Universal Bank
OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.- Universal Bank
OTP Bank Romania SA- Commercial Bank
OTP banka Hrvatska- Commercial Bank
OTP Garancia Insurance Ltd.- Insurance Company
OTP Fund Management Ltd.- Investment Fund
OTP Real Estate Fund Management Ltd.- Investment Fund
Hungarian International Finance Ltd.- International Financing
OTP Real Estate Ltd.- Construction and sale of properties
OTP-SCD Lízing Rt. -
OTP Factoring Ltd.- Factoring, forfeiting
OTP Factoring Trustee Ltd.- Evaluation and sale of properties
OTP Pension Fund Ltd.- Pension Fund
OTP Health Fund- Health Fund
OTP Travel Ltd.- Travel Agency
OTP Életjáradék Rt. -
组织机构 公司